Boston-Based Robot Is Meant To Aid Families

By Jessica Van Sack
Boston Herald.

The world’s first social robot for the family, “Jibo,” is being made right here in Boston by a leading roboticist who believes that in a few years, the platform could be as ubiquitous as the iPad.

“Jibo’s role is to be your personal helper,” said famed MIT roboticist Cynthia Breazeal, creator of the bot. “To help families and extended families do the wide range of things they need to do.”

Available in black or white, Jibo is six pounds and 11 inches of digital personality. Its job is to act like a personal assistant, or a coordinator of family chaos. It connects to devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It comes with its own storage cloud and the ability to send and receive reminders, take pictures, tell stories and even facilitate video conferencing.

I recently sat down with Breazeal as she demonstrated Jibo.

The simplicity of the robot is striking: It’s a base that sits at attention and props up a hemisphere-shaped “head.”

The form factor is a triumph in subtlety, with the smallest movements and expressions giving Jibo the ability to appear to dance, laugh and emote.

A promotional video for Jibo shows the robot reading “The Three Little Pigs” to a child, just as a parent might — playfully and under a makeshift fort.

“Jibo brings all kinds of content to life with engagement and expressivity,” said Breazeal. “Jibo isn’t an e-reader. It’s a storyteller that makes eye contact with you.”

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