Breathe, Reflect and Take Ownership of Issues

By Liz Reyer
Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

By far the most frequent feedback I receive from readers pertains to the nature of the approach to problem solving I advance.

This comes in a variety of flavors, positive (makes so much sense) and negative (more of the simplistic claptrap you see everywhere). From my perspective, both ring true, and get to the essence of the difference between advice and coaching.

As you’ll know if you’re familiar with Coach’s Corner, the first step to understanding any situation is to know your own place in it. We all carry beliefs and biases that influence our understanding.

Moreover, we can develop patterns of interpretation based on our past experiences that limit our ability to develop new solutions. When we take time to step back, we can then open ourselves to new possibilities.

It’s not just about thinking; there is also a physical aspect. If you hold tension in your body about a situation, it’ll be more difficult to find solutions.

This is where breathing comes in.

When you’re preparing to think through a situation, take time first to concentrate on your breath. Imagine your breath moving in and out, not just through your lungs, but anywhere you’re holding tension. You’ll see that your shoulder can breathe, and the experience can bring you deep calm.

All this is just prep, the core of the approach comes in thinking through relevant factors, whether it’s about the internal or external realm. And this seems to be where people love it or hate it.

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