Career Women In China Take Charge

By He Dan and Fan Feifei
China Daily, Beijing / Asia News Network

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN)

Women are making their mark in the Chinese business world, as a recent survey shows the country is one of the top 10 in the world in its percentage of women board members.

In addition, women in China hold more than a third of company management positions, according to the survey released by Grant Thornton International, a leading global accounting organisation.

Women occupy 21 per cent of the positions on company boards in China, beating the global average of 17 per cent, said the survey, which ranked China ninth among 44 polled countries.

Thailand topped the list with 37 per cent, followed by the Philippines at 31 per cent. Italy and Russia tied for third at 29 per cent.

In addition, women hold 38 per cent of corporate senior management positions in China, compared with 24 per cent globally, the survey revealed.

The survey polled 6,700 companies worldwide, including 200 from the Chinese mainland, said Dominic King, Grant Thornton’s global research manager.

King added that the survey also showed that State-owned enterprises have a better record than private and foreign companies in China for placing women in senior positions.

The concept of “opportunity for all” is deeply embedded in Chinese society and has boosted gender equality, he said.

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