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Woman Raises $20,000 On Kickstarter For Two-In-One Bracelet, Hair Band

By Samantha Gowen The Orange County Register

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Terry Leon hopes her crowdfunding campaign will make her "Savi Sleek bracelets" the new "must have" item for women on the go.

The Orange County Register

Costa Mesa resident Terry Leon has raised $20,000 on Kickstarter for her concept, Savi Sleek, a two-part activewear accessory that combines a bracelet with an elastic hair band.

Leon, whose company is called Savi Style, says she's a first-generation Mexican American with "entrepreneurship in my DNA." Both her father and grandfather, she says, were successful entrepreneurs. Leon's background includes a degree in biology, a field she pursued for more than 10 years before moving onto Savi Style.

In her demonstration video on Kickstarter, Leon describes an active woman on the go who needs a quick and stylish hair band for work or workouts. The elastic nestles conveniently in a groove cut into the wristband.

The Savi Sleek bracelet, which will be produced in several colors, is made of medical-grade silicone and is being manufactured in Placentia. It comes in four core colors: white, black, teal and pink. She also has summer colors on tap.

While the bracelet combo will retail for $29, early bird contributors at Kickstarter can get the bands for as low as $17-$20.

"We are sticking to this price point," Leon says. "I know at first glance our product can seem simple. However, due to my science background, Savi Sleek was created with lots of precision, high-quality materials, features and benefits."

Leon says the bracelets will be ready to launch by July. The Kickstarter funding campaign ends Wednesday.

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