Deepak Chopra Wants To Help Improve Mental Health, Stop Suicide And Fix Your ‘Me” Problem

By Michelle Marchante
Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Deepak Chopra is involved in a “grassroots global movement” with actress Gabriella Wright, director Michel Pascal and social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah to spread awareness about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention to young adults. It is called “Never Alone.”

Miami Herald

Deepak Chopra says he hasn’t had any stress for 30 years.

“I believe it is a waste of imagination,” Chopra said. “You can either use imagination for stress or you can use imagination to creatively solve problems.”

Chopra, 73, has spent his life advocating for the benefits of alternate medicine. His work has made him a bestselling author of more than 80 books, put him in a social circle that includes the Dalai Lama, and helped him amass more than three million followers on Twitter.

Lady Gaga has called Chopra the most influential person in her life, and Alicia Keyes’ had him officiate her wedding.

The doctor and self-help guru says he has never missed a day of meditation and yoga for the past 45 years. It helps him live a stress-free life, he said, but it’s really because of his “inspiration.”

“I’m always inspired by the idea of personal and social transformation so we can reach a critical mass of humanity in the direction of a more peaceful, just, sustainable and healthier world,” he said. “As long as I keep that in mind then there is no stress. Stress only occurs when you think about yourself.”

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