Dirty Dogs Cleaning Up At New Self-Wash Spa

By Mike Irwin
The Wenatchee World, Wash.

Hey, you dirty dogs, there’s a new pet spa in town that’s worth sniffing out.

Allen and Jennifer Larson, owners of Firehouse Pet Shop in downtown Wenatchee, have converted their store’s basement into a clean-pet paradise — designed mostly for doggies — that offers facilities for pet lovers to bathe and shampoo their furry friends.

Opened in June, the Firehouse Self-Wash Spa has already served around 250 dogs — “And maybe a few cats,” said Jennifer — and is now seeing a steady flow of canine customers. Sizes range from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

“We supply just about everything a person needs to wash their dog,” said Jennifer.

Such as: Three huge bathtubs with non-slip mats, a ramp for older dogs and risers to put even the tiniest mutt at an easy-reach height, modern spray heads for long and short coats and variable-speed dryers that start softly and slowly increase in force.

Around the room, shelving holds different types of shampoos, conditioners, after-bath fragrance sprays, washcloths, towels, ear and eye wipes and even a few grooming tools. Customers are under no time limit, so settle in, Fido, and luxuriate.

To prevent the spread of disease and other yuckiness, the Firehouse staff bleach sanitizes each tub after every use and tosses in an extra sanitizing every morning and night.

Best of all, everything is included in the price, with no surprise add-on costs. Prices are by weight: $12 for dogs of 20 pounds or less, $16 for pets weighing 20 to 60 pounds and $20 for pets over 60 pounds. Bring in two dogs and get a $4 discount on the total cost.

“Many dogs just love their baths,” said Jennifer. “You can tell this is a great experience for them.”

Details: Firehouse Pet Shop, 17 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee. Phone: 668-7387. Facebook (keywords: firehouse pet shop).

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