Don’t Let Facebook Dictate How You Feel

By Kathy Lu
The Kansas City Star.

A friend’s New Year’s greeting arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. He apologized for the delay in the note, but I didn’t mind. I’m a procrasti-card sender myself.

Though I know it’s coming every year, I don’t start thinking about the holiday/New Year’s card until Dec. 15. Then it becomes a constant nag, get the right photos, choose a design, write the message that’s beyond perfunctory but below gushing.

Finally, if all goes well, I’m sitting down six weeks later to address the envelopes.

This year, especially because my family just moved halfway across the country from a place where I had lived for nearly two decades, that task evoked a new feeling.

As I addressed the cards, it made me appreciate each of the people on the mailing list. Though not everyone was a close friend (and some names may eventually fall off the list as new ones are added), seeing and writing their names made me think of our friendship and the shared moments that moved me to add them to the list.

It reminded me of a story I heard on public radio about how Facebook users can be depressed by what they see on the social media service.

In an interview, a 20-something woman said scrolling through her Facebook friends’ updates started to upset her because all she saw were either photos of wonderful trips her friends had taken or the delicious food they had eaten.

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