How To Double Your Salary In Two Years

By Stefanie O’Connell

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Want to make more money? Columnist Stefanie O’Connell shares some concrete information on how you can put yourself onto the path to financial success.

Everyone wants to make more money, but not everyone knows how to do it, much less how to do it quickly.

If you’re tired of the annual standard cost-of-living pay raise, know that, with a little strategic action, it is possible to significantly boost your earnings.

––Double your output. The most obvious way to make double the money you’re making now, particularly if you are a freelancer or business owner, is to double your output. Now, that might sound impossible, but it’s not when you go about it strategically.

Entrepreneur and blogging expert John Rampton offers this example: Say you’re a freelance writer who sells e-books focused on social media techniques for small business owners. It would be a challenge to suddenly double the number of e-books you’re writing. But you could repurpose related e-books to create a course or subscription service that teaches social media strategies to small business owners.

With just a little more effort, you greatly increase your product offerings and, therefore, your revenue sources.

––Track your progress. Tracking your progress can help prove your value to your boss or clients, Rampton said. You can measure your progress by using the following techniques:

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