Conference Celebrates Women Innovators

The Virginian-Pilot

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As a “Women in Innovation” conference gets underway in Virginia today, the social media storm continues over the fact that only ONE woman was included on Forbes’ recent “most innovative leaders” list.

The Virginian-Pilot

FORBES MAGAZINE enjoys a reputation as a premier chronicle of the business world and is well known for its annual list of the world’s richest people. But another assembly of names the periodical published recently may leave its luster a little tarnished.

Reporters and editors there compiled a list of the 100 most influential chief executive officers, calling them “the most creative and successful business minds of today.” The group was long on leaders at tech companies and featured many names familiar to the general public.

That includes Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of Tesla, who tied for the top spot. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Cook of Apple, Reid Hastings of Netflix and Satya Nadella of Microsoft earned places in the top 10.

But it was the inclusion of Barbara Rentler, the CEO of Ross Stores, at No. 75 that created a storm across social media platforms. She was the only woman Forbes included among its 100 most influential business leaders.

In a column posted Sunday, Forbes Editor Randall Lane took the blame for the stunning oversight, noting that women are severely underrepresented in boardrooms and in CEO offices and admitting that the effort should have gone to greater lengths to adjust for that inequity.

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