Entrepreneur Hits The Streets With Small Biz Podcast

By Shannon Orr, For the Herald Democrat
Herald Democrat, Sherman, Texas

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Chele Wells started her podcast, “Hitting The Streets” as a new way to help new start-ups gain more visibility.


With a bright smile the vibrant and charismatic Chele Wells is known throughout the Texoma community as an active volunteer, supporter of local businesses, events, and an avid lover of the underdog. It should be no surprise her social media moniker is Ms. Community.

Wells, the creator of the Hitting the Streets podcast, has been taking this quarantine time during 2020 to promote local businesses in Texoma.

“I believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to succeed, even when the odds are stacked against them,” she said.

A longtime Sherman resident with her husband, son and grandchildren, Wells is a nurse and medical recruiter by trade, but she also owns a small business with her husband, B Dawgz Street Doggz, a street food vendor specializing in gourmet hot dogs.

Over a year ago, Wells started her own podcast, Hitting The Streets, as a different way to share with the community about local small businesses and help new start-ups get more visibility. Once she found the courage to begin the podcast, she found the exhilaration of it all has kept her going.

She now hosts a series of interviews giving listeners an inside look at small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Ever flexible and ready for an adventure she will hosts her podcasts from her home, the street, and even at her guests place of business.

“It’s the owners telling their stories on how they got started or why they decided to become entrepreneurs or start a non profit organization,” Wells said. “My goal is to generate buzz around their business and capture new audiences by promoting their brand.”

In the future she is working on having more round table talks about different subjects that are intriguing and also hosting live podcasts.
“I think it would be fun to do live interviews with the business owners at their place of business, ” she said.

Find more information on being a guest and/or a sponsor by going to

Hitting the Streets Podcast has a new episode on every Sunday. It can be found on Anchor, Spotify, Google Play and Apple Podcast.
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