Entrepreneur Taking Leap Of Faith With Marijuana-Infused Syrups

By Evan Bush
The Seattle Times.

Jamie Hoffman pours a mixture of what looks like pond scum into a cheesecloth bag set up to strain over a plastic measuring bucket below.

“We are mad scientists!” she says to her employee, Calvin Kingsly Ward, before letting out a cackle.

Wearing white lab coats and surrounded by beakers, the two wouldn’t look out of place at Fred Hutch, or perhaps in a science-fiction film. The green substance, though, isn’t algae being tested in a lab — it’s a mixture of marijuana trim and ethanol.

Licensed recently by the state as a pot processor, Hoffman is converting the green slime into THC-laden oil.

Then, she and her employees at Craft Elixirs in Wallingford will begin infusing flavored simple syrups with the oil.

Among the flavors are Bagley Ave. Brew, a coffee and chicory variety, and Wallingford Wanderlust, which features fresh strawberries and peppercorn. She expects bottles with two servings of THC to sell for about $30.

Question: What are you supposed to do with pot-infused syrups?

A: Add them to pretty much anything, says Hoffman. Drop a couple of tablespoons into sparkling water for a soda-type beverage, drizzle them on toast or cook with them in a barbecue glaze.

For now, though, the green liquid drips into the bucket, and the plant matter separates from the ethanol loaded with THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gets you high.

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