Entrepreneur Turns To Friends To Find A Flattering Tee For Every Woman


With a vision to design a flattering tee for every woman, Dallas resident Amy Graham has launched a new luxury t-shirt and scarf line called SOUTHCOTT.

“The idea for Southcott was born from my personal challenge to find the perfect t-shirt,” says Graham. “After meeting with friends and executives in the apparel industry, the mission to find an appealing tee developed into this concrete business opportunity.”

Armed with her new body shape knowledge — and a 22-year background in sales and marketing with the Coca-Cola Company — Graham created a 16-question survey that she mailed to 50-plus friends ranging in age from 40- to 75-years-old.

She discovered women have a hard time finding a great t-shirt that is not sheer, nor clingy, and has the ability to camouflage certain areas of their bodies.

With that in mind, Graham culled together 25 t-shirts — from stores and her own closet — and asked 20 friends of differing body shapes to try on the tees and comment on the fit, fabric, style, neckline, sleeve, and length.

After the fit models provided feedback, Graham discovered commonalities among similar body types, and began to identify the most becoming styles for each type.

She defined four distinct body styles, and named each after a diamond shape, for like diamonds, women are all spectacularly unique.

Graham has designed a short-sleeve and long-sleeve version for her four body shape categories: ASSCHER (small frame and well-proportioned), EMERALD (slender and busty), TRILLION (narrow shoulders and lean upper body), and OVAL (curvy and voluptuous).

The sizes range from 0 to 4, and come in an array of neutral colors such as white, black, light gray, charcoal and navy. In addition to the eight t-shirt styles, the t-shirt scarves come in four color combinations, and named after one of her four children — her daughter STELLA ROSE.

Southcott t-shirts and scarves are made in the USA with high-quality fabrics and sold via pop-up shows in Dallas.

T-shirts retail from $85-$95, with scarves priced at $60.

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