Erin Condren, From Suburban Garage to International Stage

Daniel Mead
WWR Staff

WWR Article Summary (Tl;dr) Erin Condren, founder of Erin Condren designs celebrates 10 years in business. WWR catches up with one of the top women in business at a gathering in NYC.

New York

Like a small indie rock band, Erin Condren, founder and chief style officer of, began her business out of her California garage.

Today, the brand is an internationally recognized company providing customers with personalized and customized organization and lifestyle products.

While the term rockstar may be overused these days-it certainly is fitting given Erin’s story.

Condren started out in swimwear sales out of college, but was more interested in design/production. She originally worked with her brother’s California-based sewing facility to help produce collections for Nike and Adidas.

In her first stab at entrepreneurship, she started her own swimwear collection in 2001. Unfortunately the business closed shortly after 9/11 after disappointing sales. But from tough times, a new idea was born. In small batches, Condren began printing personalized stationery and stickers from her home, and the rest is history.

Condren was in NYC last week promoting her brand’s new products and celebrating her 10 years in business. WWR had the opportunity to spend some time with her to talk about this entrepreneur’s success story.

“I was a new mom of twins and began creating holiday cards and birth announcements for friends and family-primarily setting up my workshop in the garage and using an at-home printer. I sold my designs for the first time at a home shopping party in 2004.”

The feedback and success from these initial home parties ignited Erin’s leadership skills and creativity.

“I merged with a fine art printing company in 2007 and I felt like a kid in a candy shop. With state of the art machinery, I was able to unleash all my creativity and manufacture top of the line paper products and more.”

Condren’s products include the LifePlannerTM stylized organizer, TakeNoteTM notebooks, notepads, desk pads, stationery, gift labels, neoprene clutches and phone cases, stickers, markers, and acrylic trays, boxes and frames.

She recently partnered with STAPLES to provide customers from across the country a brick and mortar experience. Condren plans to have merchandise in more than 400 STAPLES locations nationwide before year-end. Other partnerships have included, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Polaroid.

She compliments her team when asked about the keys to her success as a woman entrepreneur.

“Like any growing business, success is contingent on the people you surround yourself with. I am so proud of the team I’ve assembled, incredible individuals who continually contribute and make this brand what it is. Although my name is the headliner, this is certainly not a one (wo)man show! I work with the most talented, driven and dedicated group of people and it is such a CHARGE to come to work every day. That energy inspires us as a team and is certainly one of the primary factors in the company’s success.”

Condren has been featured on “The Ellen Show,” “Rachael Ray,” and “The Today Show,” and has appeared in countless publications.

Erin Condren-a true inspiration for women in business.

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