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Executive Women’s Day At The Player’s Championship

A new survey reveals that millennial women are seen as better job candidates and better prepared for their first jobs out of college however men are still viewed as better prepared for success in their careers overall. That’s according to survey data released by Bentley University and KRC research that asked respondents for their views about recent college grads. The head of Bentley’s Center For Women and Business says the results show that millennial women have what it takes to succeed however we still have work to do to help them advance in their careers.

The PGA tour is doing it’s part to help women get ahead. With the backdrop of this year’s players championship in Florida, more than two hundred women gathered to learn more about the game of golf. At the fourth annual executive women’s day, female business leaders had the opportunity to connect and better understand the ties between golf and business networking. Organizers say they want women to understand that there is a lot of business being done out the links and that they shouldn’t be intimated to get in the game. For more on these stories and much more simply head to our website www.
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