Express Eight: Q&A With Anastasia Tiedemann

By Jason Hunsicker
Kirksville Daily Express, Mo.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Small Biz counselor Anastasia Tiedemann shares her best advice for budding business owners.

Kirksville Daily Express, Mo.

Have an idea for a small business but don’t know what to do next?

Maybe 2018 is your year, and maybe Anastasia Tiedemann can help.

Tiedemann is the small business counselor with the Small Business Technology Development Center and Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center.

Question: What are your hopes for your office and organization in 2018?

A: For my office, my hopes are we get a lot of businesses started, but started on the right foot. Not a lot of businesses that are still questioning who their market is, things like that. Really successful businesses that can really make an impact here in Kirksville and provide great service for Kirksville and the surrounding areas.

Question: What are some of the services your office offers?

A: Our office offers a lot of services to small businesses, not only people who are starting up a small business but for people who may already have a small business.

For those starting up, we can do research, we have access to different databases, we can help with the business plans, we can help with financial projection.

For those who already have a small business, we can help with marketing, we put together trainings every month.

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