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Eydie Marie Martinez is the President/Owner of Eydie Marie Products, Inc..

She is a professional make-up artist for videos, theatre, film and the fashion industry. Eydie Marie Products is one of the premier make-up source for Latinas. Eydie has always had a passion for dancing but it is her spectacular talent as a make-up artist that moved her to the top of her profession in the beauty industry.

She has worked for nearly every network that you could imagine from the history channel to CNN to WPIX to CBS to NBC…all of them.

But while Eydie was busy making network stars glamorous She was also doing something for herself….. developing a line of cosmetics which bear her name. Eydie Marie designs custom makeup Discs for a variety of complexions.

Diversity is a big part of her brand. And smartly so, when Eydie looked at the competition She saw a distinct openingEydie marie developed her own mixes and started selling. She brands and markets her make-up for Latina women, but the products are universal.The kits are called Disco Compactos. Each one looks like a compact disk.

She says she also got some inspiration for her special make-up boxes from Her Abuelita, thats grandma!All of that latin flavor got her plenty of attention over the years Including a brush up with some giant retailers but Eydie Marie says she prefers to keep a close Eye on her products at times even making personal visits to retailers who sell her line

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