Facebook Launches Program To Cultivate More Women Entrepreneurs In Taiwan

By Coral H. Wang and Jill Huang
The China Post, Taipei, Taiwan / Asia News Network

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) During the launch of a new program to help female entrepreneurs in Taiwan, leaders highlighted the difficulties many women face in starting a business. The hope is that a new program called “SheMeansBusiness” will help increase the number of women owned businesses in Taiwan. Right now only 36% of all entrepreneurs are women.

The China Post, Taipei, Taiwan / Asia News Network

Social media giant Facebook on Thursday announced its launch of “SheMeansBusiness” in Taiwan — a series of workshops, resource centers and networking events to help female entrepreneurs in Taiwan enhance their skills, knowledge and connections.

Facebook held a forum at Taipei’s Syntrend Creative Park Thursday, inviting successful woman entrepreneurs to share their business experiences, talks centered on the mission of the social-networking website’s new project, “When women succeed, we all win.”

Facebook’s Head of Small Business in Greater China Amanda Chen highlighted the difficulties woman face in starting a business.

“Only 36-per cent of all entrepreneurs are women, and 19-per cent of founders of start-up companies are women, said Chen.

“Though the numbers have been gradually increasing, there is still room for improvement.”

National Development Council (NDC) deputy minister Kao Shien-quey told reporters female entrepreneurs suffer from a lack of confidence and unfair treatment.

Kao said trends show certain characteristics women hold, such as sensitivity and patience, will become great advantages in a future, and the government should take more action to encourage woman entrepreneurs.

Clair Deevy, Facebook’s Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Asia Pacific, said when women succeed at starting their businesses, they generate an immeasurable positive impact

“SheMeansBusiness not only connects these entrepreneurs together, but it also seeks to raise awareness of the important role women play in economic and societal development,” said Deevy.

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