THE SHE FACTOR: The Art Of Being Passionate

By Sandhya D’Mello
Khaleej Times, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Reeraj Royale” is a Dubai based interior decoration and design company focused on amalgamating Indian ethnic design with contemporary modern design.


Reeraj Royale is the result of one woman’s passion to bring her art and belief to people and become a role model of entrepreneurial venture for many women who aspire balancing work and home.

India-born Reenu Mohindra, founder of Reeraj Royale, learned about her passion for decor when she moved to the UAE with her husband.

She always had a passion towards creating exceptional mud art pieces as a hobby, but never imagined that her joy towards design could scale the winds of fortune.

Reeraj Royale is an interior decoration and design company focused more towards the residential and commercial sector. “We promote ethnic designs and work with blending it with contemporary art for usage in homes, restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments.” said Reenu.

The company is focused on amalgamating Indian ethnic design with contemporary modern design creating fusion on the way, specialising in ethnic wall art, Lippan art, Kutch art, mud mirror art and contemporary modern art.

Reenu explains that for the residential sector, Reeraj Royale gets into the emotions of the family and blends it with designs to convert houses into homes. The company has designed homes in several Dubai areas, including Springs, Meadows, Bur Dubai, Jumeirah and Emirates Hills, among many others.

For the commercial sector the theme of the organisation becomes guiding light; for example, in an office environment, whether one needs open office layouts for fostering more teamwork or more formal ones considering the nature of work.

The mother of twin daughters was raised by her father, who worked for many years in finance department of National Fertilizers Limited in Panipat, Haryana, and her mother was a teacher. Hence it was no surprise when she initially worked in finance, before pursuing passion for design.

“The number of women entrepreneurs I have seen in UAE during today’s day-to-day life has reached an unparalleled number. This clearly speaks about the growing volumes to do with the UAE’s focus on fostering entrepreneurship in general besides encouraging women to be head to head with men,” says Reenu, who lived in India, Kenya and Bahrain prior to the UAE.

“Research always shows that small and medium businesses generate substantial amount of jobs in any country matching those created by big businesses and UAE understands this best in the region. These are great signs for women trying to start something of their own,” said Reenu.

Today there are a lot more forums where women can interact with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

In addition to, short training courses for women covering various areas of general management such as finance, sales and marketing, human resources and operations. These aid in being a great help towards their learnings on cross-functional areas as everyone may be good or strong in one or two areas, from which they can then advance in their capabilities, explains Reenu, who is also a recipient of B4U Plus’ initiative, which recently recognized successful women in the UAE.

“Balancing home and work is challenging and a continuous process. I try to work from 8 to 4 and spend rest of the day with family. I don’t see them as a conflict as spending time with family energizes me for the next day. I also ensure that I do a minimum two vacations during the year with my family, this is never a negotiable circumstance,” says Reenu, who attributes her success to her husband and her brother.

For a successful career tip, Reenu advises that one should work on what one is passionate about whether it’s a new idea or the traditional family business. “Since one spends a substantial amount of one’s life on business, one should do what gives one the happiness and self-worth. I’ve always been a bit of an eager beaver, and it’s this eagerness towards your dreams that leads the way. We have immense potential as women of today, and have so many mediums to share our achievements as inspirations. Not backing down when things get rough is a good practice for a more successful career.”

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