Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center: A SCORE Success

By Katie Nussbaum Savannah Morning News, Ga.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Bonnie Rachael, founder of "Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center" shares her experience working with the business mentors at SCORE. "SCORE" helps entrepreneurs get on the right track so they can GROW!

Savannah Morning News, Ga.

Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center had been open about six years when owner Bonnie Rachael came to the conclusion that her business knowledge couldn't keep up with the need to create a better, more comprehensive business plan for the growth of her nonprofit.

The center provides assisted therapeutic riding and educational activities for children and adults with all types of physical, mental and emotional challenges.

At the recommendation of several business associates, she turned to Savannah SCORE for guidance.

"I took advantage of the SCORE mentor program and worked alongside two mentors who meet with me at six-month intervals to conduct a comprehensive business review," she said.

"Areas of discussion include cash flow results and projections, prioritization of operational opportunities and challenges, marketing and public relations strategies, goal setting, and collaborative opportunities. The SCORE mentors also stay in close touch for any help I need throughout the year via phone or email."

Rachael said through her mentorship with SCORE, she was able to learn how to develop, review, and modify her business plan based on growth, which took her business to the next level.

"Our SCORE mentors, Michael Siegel and Denis Healy, are both very professional, well-versed in business operations and provide invaluable guidance as they help us to address the opportunities and challenges which come our way," Rachael said.

"I appreciate the ability to bounce ideas off our mentors, knowing that they will be supportive, but at the same time, honest about how we should, or should not, proceed." R achael offers simple advice for those looking to open or grow their business: take an honest, objective look at your strengths and weaknesses.

"Try to find people who have strengths in those areas where you are weak for staff members, board members or advisers. It is tempting to surround yourself with people who think like you do, but businesses are far better off when they bring together people who have a wide variety of strengths," she said.

"SCORE has been a huge resource for us by providing us with expert business advice for free, which has truly taken us to the next level."

Learn more about Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center at or 912-728-3728.

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