Feather Decorations Evolve Into Line Of Hair Products For People And Pets

By Nancy Dahlberg
Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet the twin sisters who are helping people and their pets get glam! As the “Condition Culture” company tagline says, “beauty for your best friend.” “Condition Culture” creates products like funky feather accessories for people and their furry friends.


Founded by twin sisters Alex and Donya Litowitz, Miami-based beauty company Condition Culture launched its first product, Featherlocks (feather decorations for the hair), in April 2010, appearing in top fashion magazines and television shows.

Condition Culture continues to sell the original hair feather extensions and has since developed several other products, including Puppylocks, feather accessories for dogs.

After graduating from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in December, Donya decided to purchase the company and move it further into professional haircare products.

Alex, a hair stylist who would put artistic feathers in her clients’ hair before they created the product, wanted to start a family and return to hair styling. “Since the purchase, I have focused on reorganizing the operations and product development to refocus the resources on the new direction,” said Donya, who had a background in real-estate finance.

Condition Cutlure’s latest brand, Colorsmash color-kissed hairspray, a color hairspray with no iron oxides, launched in June at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. It is also sold in Germany, the U.K., South Africa, Australia, Italy, China, Korea, Israel, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The product (about $20 a can) results in professional-looking color without the commitment or mess like current options on the market, Donya said. It is now the company’s key product.

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