Female Students, Entrepreneurs Urged To Contribute To Digital Gaming Industry

By Mohammad Ghazal
Jordan Times, Amman.


The Jordan Gaming Task Force (JGTF) on Saturday called for more involvement and participation by female students and entrepreneurs in developing digital games.

“More than 55 per cent of mobile users who download digital games across the world, and in Jordan too, are women,” JGTF Chairman Nour Khrais said at the opening of the 4th Jordan Gaming Summit.

“We need your support to reach further growth and successes in this industry. This industry is not a male-only domain. Your contribution matters,” he said at the event, attended by more than 500 participants, including university students, private sector companies and individuals working in the local gaming industry, and representatives from Sony, Google, Epic Games, Insomniac Games and Tower Studios.

At the event, held by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) in collaboration with JGTF, Khrais stressed the importance of the industry and the potential for businesses and start-ups in the field.

Paul Hollman, vice president of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, stressed the importance of the summit, noting that helping developers will result in the production of better games in the industry.

Hollman also underlined the need to focus on localising games to reach a wider audience.

Noor Homoud, KAFD programmes manager, said His Majesty King Abdullah directed the fund in 2011 to establish the Jordan Gaming Lab, which has created a suitable environment for game developers in the Kingdom through offering specialised training courses and networking opportunities with international game development companies.

He added that KAFD also supports the JGTF, which created a hub for local game development companies and paved the way for further achievements.

Homoud noted that game development has no limits and became widespread among different users who contributed to the industry.

Jordan has also witnessed a change in game users and participated in enhancing the industry, locally and internationally, he said.

Towards the end of the summit, winners of the Golden App Challenge were awarded prizes for developing creative video games.

Previous App Challenge participants took part in the Golden App Challenge and were given special training courses on developing video games. Seven schools participated and four qualified to the final stage.

This version directly targeted students and teachers, to test their knowledge and passion, as they have taken part in one of the App Challenge’s cycles.

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