The ‘Fit Queen’ Trainer Is Here To Blow Up Your Exercise Program

By A.J. Rao
The Virgin Islands Daily News, St. Thomas

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) As A.J. Rao reports, “Following a dream has taken fitness guru and entrepreneur Simone Ware far beyond her Virgin Islands roots.”

The Virgin Islands Daily News, St. Thomas

At just 30 years old, the St. Croix native has spearheaded a burgeoning, global fitness program — Capri Curves — that is not only growing in numbers across the country and the world, but has since made her a bona fide TV personality, with her own fitness show on Black Entertainment Television.

Indeed, Ware’s journey from Charlotte Amalie High School student to self-described “Fit Queen,” was both a process and a risk, considering she left the territory at age 16, studied criminology at the University of South Florida and landed a stable security job with the federal government.

All things considered, she said, the risk was worth taking.

“I was literally sitting at my desk one day and I was just like ‘I don’t want to do this,’ — I felt like I wasn’t living out my purpose,” Ware said. “So, the next day, I got a vision board and I asked myself ‘if I made all the money in the world and still had to work, what would I do?’ And it was fitness.”

Ware, who taught fitness part-time during her stint in security, said her decision to embrace her passion full-time in 2018 meant starting humbly, sometimes teaching less than a dozen people, mostly family and friends.

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