Four Women Explain Why They Voted For Trump

By Jessica Farrish and Andrea Lannom
The Register-Herald, Beckley, W.Va.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The Register-Herald in Beckley, W.Va. sits down with four local women on why they voted for Donald Trump.

The Register-Herald, Beckley, W.Va.

Kristen Adkins — Education consultant, Oak Hill.

Adkins, 42, voted for Donald Trump because her political beliefs most closely aligned with the businessman’s proposed policies.

Although he wasn’t her first choice as a GOP presidential candidate, she said, she preferred Trump to Hillary Clinton in the general election.

“The first (reason), most important to me, was border security and that we need to take care of our people at home before we let immigrants in,” said Adkins. “And cutting off illegal immigrants.”

West Virginia’s struggling coal industry also prompted Adkins to vote for Trump.

Prior to President Barack Obama’s economic policies, said Adkins, her own economy was “better.”

“I thought that Hillary — if I had voted for her — my personal economy would have been worse,” she explained. “So I’m hoping that with voting for Trump, West Virginia’s economy and my own personal economy will do better.”

Adkins said she’s also concerned about the possibility of euthanasia — the assisted killing of a person — becoming legal in America.

“Another reason I voted for Trump was for conservative justices to be appointed to the Supreme Court,” she explained. “A lot of people think that’s just abortion and marriage equality, but it’s more than that … Down the road, I’m thinking ‘euthanasia.”

Adkins was uncomfortable with Clinton’s stance on legalized abortion, which Adkins opposes, and she said her support of Trump was also a way of avoiding several of Clinton’s policies.

“I think life is very important. I believe life begins in the womb,” she said. “(Clinton’s) very liberal with her abortion views.”

Concerns about the Middle East also prompted Adkins to favor Trump.

“I think people in the Middle East will respect Trump a little more,” she said. “There were some issues that came out where her loyalties to the United States and the Middle East were in question.

“So I didn’t vote for her, for that.”

—-Jeri Via — Director of Nursing, Lewisburg

An early supporter of Donald Trump, Via is very proud to say that she voted for him. She believes that Trump’s desire to win will help the entire country.

“I was a person who was a life-long Democrat until this time last year, and I switched to the Republican party,” she said.

“And I felt like there are so many reasons that I voted for Donald Trump.”

A main reason is that Trump wants the country to be safe, said Via. She also appreciates that he’s a family man.

“One of the reasons is that he really, truly loves his family,” she said. “His actions completely and utterly display his respect and love for his children, and they are truly his inner circle.

“I really love that about him, because he understands the value of family.”

Via said Trump’s life was “wonderful and blessed as it was” and she believes he ran for president because he wanted “all of America to thrive and be great again.

“Our country was built on people who were willing to take a risk and come to America and to work hard, and I appreciate the fact that Donald Trump still believes in that vision and that hope and dream for everybody,” added Via.

Via also likes Trump’s vision.

“Donald Trump knows how to build things,” she explained. “Donald Trump can take a blank slate and see the end result, and he knows how to work from step one to get there.

“Donald Trump is a businessman,” she added. “Who says that you have to be a politician to have the right experience to be President of the United States?”

A gun owner, she voted for Donald Trump because she believes in Second Amendment rights and, also, in freedom of speech.
She said Trump supported pro-life efforts, which aligns with her own values as a woman.

“I believe as a woman, the best we can elevate other women is to never in any way suppress other women but to give us the opportunity to stand up for every woman,” she said. “Even those women who are unborn yet, how do we know that one of those women was not going to be our future president?

“The best way that I can support other women is to give all women a voice, and we can’t give them a voice if they aren’t here with us.

“I feel very privileged to say why I voted for Donald Trump,” added Via. “We all made a choice last November, and I respect everybody’s choice, and this time I was a winner, and Donald Trump was a winner, and I believe that all of America is going to be a winner.

—-Lori Williams, Beckley

Although she would’ve preferred for Ben Carson to have been the GOP nominee in the 2016 elections, Williams said she voted for Trump by default when he ran against Hillary Clinton.

“When (Carson) dropped out, I had no choice,” said Williams. “As a Christian, I made a promise that I would never vote for someone that is not pro-life.

“Hillary Clinton supports abortion at any time for any reason, even up until birth,” she said. “So there’s no way I was going to vote for her.”

She said she was upset when Carson dropped out of the race, but prayed about it.

“I thought, ‘Well, if (Trump) will allow people like Ben Carson to advise him, then I’m going to rethink it,” she said. “The people that surround Trump hold my values dear, whereas Hillary Clinton is against everything that I stand for.”

She said she believes that news media unfairly portrayed Trump because she’s seen videos of him that represent a different person than the one portrayed by news outlets.

“I felt like I had no choice, but the more I hear about Trump, the more I realize what I heard in the news media and the papers wasn’t necessarily who he really was,” she said. “I’ve seen videos of him, people of color who had worked for him who said that he helped them.

“I just don’t think we’re getting the full story of who he is,” she said. “I want to give him a chance.

“I don’t know what he’s going to be like as president, but I knew what she was going to be, and she is completely against everything I stand for,” she said.

Although she’s not yet sure whether she’ll agree with all of Trump’s actions while in office, she’s hopeful that he’ll oppose legalized abortion.

“I voted for him, mainly, because of the pro-life thing,” she said. “I hope he keeps his promises to the pro-life community.”

—-Heather Webb, Alvon, mother, stays at home

Webb’s main reasons for voting for Donald Trump were United States Supreme Court appointments, the Affordable Care Act and immigration reform.

“We need secure borders, or we don’t have a country,” said Webb. “Illegal immigration hurts our economy.
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It doesn’t help our economy.

“We’re all for legal immigration,” she added. “Bring us your gifts, your talents and help our economy grow.

“A lot of people want to ignore it, ’cause they don’t want to be seen as racist or bigots, they don’t want that stigma attached if they speak out against immigration,” she explained. “That’s one thing I liked about Trump … he’s not a polished politician, and he wasn’t afraid to speak out against immigration.”

She liked Trump’s tax policy and believes Trump cares about the middle class and “the people living in poverty. You struggle and live paycheck to paycheck, and that’s a real struggle.”

Health insurance was another factor in her decision to support Trump.

“Obamacare is a joke,” said Webb, who reported she’s seen the deductibles of her family members be raised by 55 percent under ACA and that her grandparents are currently unable to afford insurance.

She also disagrees with the premise that citizens must purchase insurance.

“Insurance shouldn’t be forced upon anybody,” she said. “The government making it that you have to pay it and fining you if you don’t pay it is absolutely ridiculous and unconstitutional.”

She pointed out that the Second Amendment isn’t just about hunting or even protecting against bad guys, but is in place to allow Americans to legally use guns to protect themselves against the military of the American government, if necessary, and the Supreme Court needs justices that will uphold that right.

She added that Hillary Clinton “represented everything that America was trying to go against.”

“We were sick of the same old things,” Webb said. “Political correctness is destroying our freedom of speech.

“The only speech that isn’t free is speech that incites violence.”

Webb said Trump is “starting to disassemble mainstream media.”

“It’s starting to implode, and they can’t keep up, which is a beautiful thing to watch, because biased media is the worst media,” she explained.

Webb said Trump gives the country hope and that she feels “really proud to have voted for him.”

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