Friends Start Female-Driven Podcast

By Sarah Culton
Niles Daily Star, Mich.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Though their “Hustlin’ in Heels” podcast is just beginning, friends Stacey Carlin and Kaylee Ganus already have high hopes for its future. They hope to grow to the point where they might be able to do a “Hustlin’ in Heels” tour one day.


Every Thursday evening, busy friends Stacey Carlin, 36, of Buchanan, and Kaylee Ganus, 29, of St. Joseph, meet up, have a glass of wine and talk about the issues that affect their daily lives.

However, they are not just chatting among friends. The pair is recording their thoughts to be broadcast to anyone who wants to listen.

Carlin and Ganus launched their new podcast, “Hustlin’ in Heels,” Wednesday. The podcast, which is produced NBI Studios out of Bridgman, Michigan, comes out weekly, and is meant to address a variety of topics that affect women.

“It’s a podcast that celebrates women who are workin’ it in all areas of life,” Carlin said. “Professional women, women who are working at home, stay-at-home moms who maybe have a side hustle going on, we want to address, really, the tribe of women, and the issues that affect them both professionally and personally.”

Ganus added that the podcast will regularly feature guest female “hustlers,” who will come onto the show be interviewed and speak on their experiences.

“We want to give all kinds of women, professional women, business owners, a chance to speak and share with us,” Ganus said.

The pair said they came up with the idea to start the podcast a little over a month ago, when they were having lunch together. They realized that many of the these they were talking to each other about were issues that were universal to most women.

“You begin to realize the things you just chit-chat about with your friends are things are things other women are talking about with each other,” Ganus said. “We all have these common challenges and successes. The world needs to hear these things. It’s reassuring to be reminded that women everywhere are facing the same struggles and existing.”

Though the podcast will touch on important issues, the podcast will keep an upbeat, fun tone, Ganus said.
“Not everything will be heavy or be a big issue,” she said. “We want to talk about anything and everything. Just getting through the day sometimes makes you need a glass of wine, so we want to talk about that, too.”

With the first three episodes of “Hustlin’ in Heels” already recorded, Ganus and Carlin are confident they have created an appealing product. Upcoming guests on the podcast include the founder of Soudlier Guitar Straps and a local radio host.

Though the podcast is just beginning, the pair already has high hopes for its future, and plan to expand and grow to the point where they might be able to do a “Hustlin’ in Heels” tour one day.

“We want to include everyone in the conversation. We want to have a conversation with women, about women, for women about all the things we have to go through to be bad– — , essentially,” Carlin said. “We really hope people respond to that.”

New episodes of “Hustlin’ in Heels” are released at 6 a.m. every Wednesday, anywhere podcasts can be downloaded.

Episodes can be downloaded at any time.

For more information, visit Carlin and Ganus on Facebook at facebook.com/HIHPod.

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