The Frozen Dessert That Has Become Big Business For One Ca. Entrepreneur

By Bill Swindell
The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Amy Covin has already collected a big accolade for her slush company’s quick start. After only a year in operation, the local Chamber of Commerce named “Amy’s Wicked Slush” the 2018 Business of the Year.

Santa Rosa

The list of food and drinks Sonoma County entrepreneurs have turned into thriving businesses that helped define our region is long: wine, beer, dairy, poultry, cheese, apples and even kombucha.

Could the ice slush be next?

That’s the goal of Amy Covin, who two years ago at 55 quit her longstanding accounting practice and opened Amy’s Wicked Slush across from Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach. Her quest — give local residents her version of what a bona fide East Coast water ice or Italian ice should taste like.

“I thought it was going to be a slow, sleepy place at the bottom of Healdsburg Avenue,” said Covin, a single mother of two adult sons who grew up north of Boston.

Instead, the results have been astounding with crowds of up to 1,500 daily customers on a summer weekend eager to get their flavored sugary ice fix. Or there’s the soft-serve ice cream and a few other items on the limited menu.

This summer, Amy’s Wicked Slush expanded into Cloverdale and opened in Petaluma through a partnership.

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