Frozen Treats With A Twist

By Katy St. Clair
Times-Herald, Vallejo, Calif.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Kimberli Haris’s “Fairyella Ice Pops” are a healthy twist on the idea of the “Otter Pop,” a popsicle in a plastic sleeve.


Local entrepreneur Kimberli Haris created Fairyella Ice Pops a few years ago and through grit and determination, her business has expanded to Whole Foods and the Benicia School system.

Now she’s available in town at the 7-Eleven and said she hopes other stores in the chain will start to carry her organic frozen treats.

“7-Eleven is amazing,” said Haris. “They are wanting to carry more healthy treats.”

The Ice Pops are a twist on the idea of the “Otter Pop,” a popsicle in a plastic sleeve. But Haris wanted to make a pop that wasn’t infused with stabilizers, dyes, concentrates or high-fructose corn syrup, but one that was made from freshly-juiced, organic produce.

The impetus for the pops was truly an “organic” experience that stemmed from her personal life.

Haris first got the idea after her mother Martha fell ill with breast cancer over ten years ago. Haris credit’s her mom’s diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with prolonging her life for a few years past her doctor’s prediction of only a few months.

At the same time her mom was fighting cancer, Haris had a small child that was teething. She decided to freeze some of the juice concoctions she had created for her mom in order to make a soothing treat for her little one.

When she brought the snack to her mom’s group and saw their reactions to her frozen pops, a light bulb went off in her head.

Sadly, Martha passed in 2010, but her daughter took what she saw as the healing properties of fresh food and embarked on her ice pops biz in her mother’s memory.
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Now the pops are available in 22 Whole Foods locations in Northern California and several other independent markets. In Benicia, they are at the 7-Eleven on Military East and the Liquor Warehouse, also on Military East.

She also sells at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at Farm Fresh to You.

This Saturday Haris will be at the Peddler’s Fair near the Capitol Building with her products.

Visit her website at

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