Geek Apps Offers App Creating Platform

By Eitan Baigel
Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Geek Apps” enables a business owner to easily create and manage an app. The platform builds the store, defines the appointments system and the gallery and presents information about the application owner’s business.

Globes, Tel Aviv, Israel

It is no secret that apps make the world run.

More and more small and medium-sized businesses also want to join in the fun, and an Israeli startup named Geek Apps has therefore developed an interactive platform for creating apps for businesses costing $1 a month that enables users to do it all themselves.

No knowledge of computer programming or technology is necessary. The system does all the work automatically. All the user has to do to start creating an app is to enter the landing page on the company site, select the desired program, and start creating the app.

What is special about Geek Apps is the management interface developed by the company, which enables the owner of the app to manage and design his app, including selecting the logo, the desired language, the colors for the app, and so on.

The application owner can manage the features within the app. It builds his store, defines the appointments system and the gallery, and presents information about his business.

In addition, the management interface provides the business owner with an online chat that enables him to maintain personal and continuous contact with his customers, and also enables customers to correspond with each other. The idea is to create a social system that enhances the interaction between the customers through social media sharing, responses to advertisements, and recommendations to friends, which bolsters the traffic within the app.

The cost is only $1 a month. For more complex apps that facilitate clearance solutions, such as online stores, the price is higher, but still remains constant for every month. Geek Apps operates in other markets besides Israel, and therefore makes the landing page , the management interface, and the apps of each business accessible in 12 different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and others, so that every business in the world can really enjoy a personal app.

CEO Adi Katz, Taras Teresenko, and entrepreneur CMO Guy Amar founded Geek Apps in May 2016. The company offices are located in Jerusalem, and contain the main company headquarters and some of its development units. The other development units, its service center, and its sales center for the US are located in the company offices in Europe. The company currently has over 50 employees in Israel and overseas.

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