Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Entrepreneurship

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WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  Gwyneth Paltrow, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goop, sits down at Advertising Week New York to discuss her career pivot and her best advice for entrepreneurs.

New York

Once the darling of Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow's life has changed significantly both personally and professionally. These days her attention is primarily focused on running her popular lifestyle brand  "Goop."

While it started out back in 2008 as a homespun weekly newsletter it has become a major force in the fashion, beauty, and wellness industries.

Goop is now a significant destination where people can go to find out where to shop, eat and stay. Gwyneth has also created a community where she can introduce some of the experts who have mentored her throughout her life.

When asked for advice on how entrepreneurs can live their best life, Gwyneth shared, “I would just say speak your truth at all costs. It’s so important - and you can do it really nicely and really diplomatically - if you are articulating what is really true for you.”

Gwyneth discussed her successes but also highlighted that her journey has not been without slip-ups, “I’ve made every mistake in the book…it’s been definitely trial by fire… You have to make mistakes, we all make mistakes every single day of our lives, [but] it’s what makes you a good entrepreneur and an interesting person… it’s only a mistake if you resist it, try to listen to what the universe is telling you.”

When asked about her thoughts on controversy (she is certainly now immune), she discussed how in the past, she had been called a witch for doing yoga, how people had taken up issue with her gluten-free cookbook, her trepidation to monetize Goop, and other aspects of her lifestyle she had been criticized for before they had become mainstream, but despite the haters, she stated, “I’ve come to see that my instincts are good and right, and sometimes ahead of the curve...and it’s a good thing.”





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