From The Office to Stage, Entrepreneur Finds Her Corporate Niche

By Tara Bozick
The Virginian-Pilot

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) With a background as a human resources professional, Comedian Allison Moore finds she can tailor her message to the workplace or professional development.  She ties her personal story to business development and shows that when obstacles come into your life, you can retool.

The Virginian Pilot

A Hampton mom who left her corporate career to become a full-time comedian is finding a niche as a business event and conference speaker.

Known for her clean, profanity-free performances, Allison Moore is finding that event organizers want to hire her as a morning speaker that can “wake up” attendees for better workshop participation.

“Laughter helps people feel more comfortable,” Moore said.

In her comedic motivational speaking, the 36-year-old opens up about her personal experiences to bring home humorous, but heartfelt messages.

For instance, she turns a difficult time for her family of five into a story of resiliency and not allowing herself to change her mind about self-employment.

With permission from her teenage son, she jokes about him cooking $180,000 french fries for his siblings when their kitchen and house caught fire in June last year. Fortunately, everyone got out safely, but the family was displaced for about a year.

Personally, the fire was traumatic and Moore lost irreplaceable family mementos — particularly heart-wrenching because both her parents had previously died.

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