Here’s What We Found At The SF Cannabis Wedding Expo

By Drew Costley
San Francisco Chronicle

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The third annual “Cannabis Wedding Expo” combined an enthusiasm for weddings and weed as vendors got pretty creative with the unique products and services they can provide for weddings in 2019.

San Francisco Chronicle

A woman in a bridal dress was posing for pictures under the dome at Westfield Mall in San Francisco on Sunday, while vendors surrounded the photo booth where she was posing.

She was one of three models at a wedding expo in the mall, but as photographers took photos of her, she had her hands clasped around a unique twist on the traditional wedding bouquet.

It was a table centerpiece that doubles as a flower vase and a bong. The piece was created by My Bud Vase, who’s “Smoking Made Beautiful” motto aptly describes their product, so long as the wedding guests don’t hack up a lung after taking a rip from one of their colorful bong vases.

The company was one of about two dozen vendors at the third annual Cannabis Wedding Expo. The expo was abuzz with enthusiasm and curiosity — both more about marijuana than matrimony.

The expo, which travels to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver, is the creation of Phillip Wolfe, a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Denver. As he roved around the expo, he seemed as enthusiastic and curious as the people attending the event as guests.

Of course there were companies selling edible cannabis wedding treats, though their samples weren’t infused with cannabis at the event. One of two such vendors, Mama Tee’s Remedy, based in San Francisco, sold cupcakes and dipped berries that can come with a customized level of THC.

And there were other companies such as Mendocino CannaWeddings that offer complete wedding and honeymoon packages on pot farms in Northern California. One expo attendee joked that the wedding party should be forced to trim cannabis as part of the experiential package, but the representative from the company joked back that they would offer that, but it’s illegal.

Ras Boss, a company that creates gold bud necklaces and strain-specific leaf pendants, and has fans in celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Damian Marley, was at the event.

One of the cooler nug and nuptial combos came from Cultivating Spirits, which was one of the sponsors in addition to a vendor. The company puts a pot remix on wine pairings and instead offers a three-course cannabis pairing dinner.

Check out the video above to see some of the more unique weed wedding vendors we found at the Cannabis Wedding Expo.

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