How To Get Free Stuff On The Web

By Tara McAlister
The Charlotte Observer.

Who says you always get what you pay for? Here are a few tips on how to get great stuff for free:

Visit freebie websites and Like them on Facebook. Some of my favorites are,,,,

Usually you have to provide these sites an email address. Consider creating one just for this purpose. Never provide credit card or banking information.

Once you receive the free product, visit the company website and write a review. Companies love that and may even offer additional freebies as long as you provide constructive feedback. Great reviews include relevant and specific details.

Include reasons why you like the product. Avoid statements such as “It is good” or “I like it.” Instead, try, “I noticed after 3 days of use that the product made my __ feel like ___” or “The smell is pleasant and reminds me of ___” or “This product is perfect for those who ___.”

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