In The Middle East, Women-Owned Restaurants On Facebook Do Roaring Business

Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Several women in Qatif started to sell food and sweets through social media websites in a step to supplement their income and utilize their free time.

Fatima Al-Nasir owner of the “Tasty and Delicious” store said she prepares the meals with her sisters and sells them through social media websites.

She confirmed that people order her meals for various occasions inside and outside Qatif. She said they prepare open buffets for weddings and engagement parties.

Women prepare various meals and sweets to improve their financial situation and prove themselves. She confirmed that women are ambitious and active.

Fawziya Baqir Al-Nimer said she owns the Flowersun2009 store on Instagram.
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She started her project two years ago and people continue to interact with her during Ramadan. “My husband supported me financially since the start, until I was able to depend on myself,” she said.

Mahad Al-Shourafa owner of the uzsweets store on Instagram said her project started two years ago and noted that demands increase during Ramadan on a daily basis. She pointed out that one of the obstacles she faces is the increased orders especially since her place isn’t fully equipped. Her family and husband support her financially and morally.

Fatima Mahmoud, 27 owns the Cakeparty5 store which she started her two years ago. She said orders during Ramadan aren’t high in comparison with other months. The main difficulty was in choosing a name that would be popular among people.

She said that she perfects her work and offer a good product for her customers. She commended her husband’s support and her goal is to open a female coffee shop.

Um Hassan, 41, said she makes falafel mixtures in her house and puts them up for sale. She started her mixtures 15 years ago and began freezing goods about a year ago. She said people buy a lot of these mixtures during Ramadan.

Naeema Al-Qanbar said she has dealt with the “Tasty and Delicious Stores” since they started, saying they are developing in their work by offering various dishes. She said that these women are experts in dealing with customers and are careful to offer dishes that meet customers’ needs by taking the orders very efficiently.

Shareefa Ahmad said the idea of establishing stores that sell sweets and meals is wonderful, and it proves that the ambitions of Qatif women are boundless and the work isn’t shameful.

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