Intel Adds Paid, Eight-Week ‘Bonding’ Leave For New Parents — Both Moms And Dads

By Mike Rogoway
The Oregonian, Portland, Ore.

Intel presented employees with a new paid leave program Thursday, offering eight weeks of paid “bonding” leave for new parents — both mothers and fathers. That’s in addition to 13 weeks of paid leave the company already offered to new moms.

Chief executive Brian Krzanich announced last week that the company will spend $300 million to improve diversity in its work force.

Nearly three-quarters of its workers are male, and just two of its top 15 executives are women.

On Friday, Intel said its new bonding program is an extension of that diversity effort. It could have a large impact in Oregon, where Intel has 17,500 employees — more than any other business in the state and more than anywhere else the company operates.

It may also be an effort to make Intel a more appealing destination for tech workers, which are in huge demand in California and, increasingly in Oregon. Technology jobs in Intel’s core specialties — electronics manufacturing and software — are at their highest point in Oregon since the dot-com era.

Silicon Valley tech employers have been steadily adding new benefits aimed at women. Apple and Facebook, for example, will now pay to freeze the eggs of female employees so they can delay having children until later in their careers.

Federal law requires most employers to offer about 12 weeks of unpaid family leave to new parents.

Intel reported fourth-quarter and 2014 financial results Thursday, announcing $55.9 billion in revenue and $11.7 billion in profits. Its stock is trading near a multi-year high at $36.08, but shares are down 11 cents Friday morning. Some investors are concerned that PC sales, which performed better than expected through most of 2014, may dip in the new year.

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