From Intern To CEO, 30 Years Later Wendy Rogers Reaches The Top At California Architecture Firm

By Alexa D’Angelo
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Wendy Rogers shares how she was introduced to the world of Architecture and then made it to the top of a major California firm.

Los Angeles Times

Wendy Rogers, 52, is the new chief executive at LPA Inc., an Irvine, Calif., architecture and design firm that builds sustainable corporate, educational and municipal projects.

The company employs 395 people in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and engineering at six locations in California and Texas.

Growing up in Hollywood, Rogers was introduced to architecture when she was 5 or 6 by a family friend who was designing a home in Sherman Oaks.

“My parents told me he was an architect and ever since I saw that property … it’s always been something I knew I was going to do,” Rogers said. “I wasn’t taking home ec in school, I was taking the classes that gave me exposure to architecture and drawing. I entered competitions and focused as much as I could in high school on design.”

Rogers said her parents, both English immigrants, were always very supportive of her ambitions and endeavors.

But her father, an insurance executive, had his concerns about his daughter going into architecture. Rogers said he had heard that architects didn’t make much money.

So he arranged for his daughter to go on a tour of a big architecture firm in Los Angeles and told the organizer to spend a lot of time on the most boring and tedious parts of the job. That involved the floors with rows and rows of men doing drafting all day, Rogers said.

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