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You can say, it all started with a chicken. A trip to the corner grocery store in Washington Heights led to an encounter with a dirty one. It was dark and rainy and there he was, wandering. Skipping the store, instead Jacqueline bathed and fed it at home. On what was supposed to be a college shopping trip downtown, she brought home a baby husky. During an apartment hunt, Jacqueline ran into an abandoned apartment with 3 kittens and 1 guinea pig. She rescued them all. After college, a street cat followed her home. He was named Lucky.

In addition to my animal rescues, Jacqueline hold’s a Bachelor of the Arts from the University at Buffalo.

She studied abroad at the University at Havana in the summer of 2001. Post-graduation experiences include: the American Multicultural Marketing sector at Alloy, Inc., Columbia University Medical Center, copy writing and translating a book.

Jacqueline says, “Every pet deserves a chance to live a happy life outside a cage. It is with this dream that Pawfect Day materialized. We run on the belief that every pet owner can make a difference. ” A portion of all proceeds are donated to various not for profit rescue organizations.


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