Jewelry Maker Hopes To Spread Confidence, Beauty

By Danae King
The Lima News, Ohio.


When Yolanda Phillips started her jewelry company she did it to fill a demand she saw for unique jewelry and to satisfy her passion for making it.

Phillips, the owner of Just Peachy Jewelry, started the company about three years ago and makes handmade, custom jewelry. It’s a Christian line and to her, the name means “taking your storms and seeing the fruitful beautification of it.”

Right now, Phillips sells online and from her home, but she’s hoping to get a storefront soon. She dreams of it becoming a chain store and of Just Peachy Jewelry becoming a household name in five to seven years.

Her jewelry, unique and made custom, differs according to the customer, though she also sells some pieces at Jean and Lily’s Fashion Boutique.

“I’ve never seen the way I do mine,” she said, of others who make jewelry. “I never saw anything that was really unique around here.”

When it comes to what she can make, Phillips can do “just about anything.” She’s beginning children’s and men’s lines and makes earrings, necklaces and bracelets for women.

“The whole family can actually shop with me,” she said. “Whatever your style is you’ll be able to find something with Just Peachy.”

Phillips has made jewelry for special events like weddings and proms and is now working with Lewis Shine to make jewelry for the Lima Express Basketball Team to sell.

Her customers are everywhere in the country, something she credits to word of mouth.

Though Phillips loves making jewelry, she also wants the people she sells to to get a message with their jewelry.

“It’s my way to say you can still be beautiful,” she said. “I’m hoping to build confidence within people.”

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