Jill Bolte Taylor named among “New York City Power Women”

By Dann Denny
Herald-Times, Bloomington, Ind.

Bloomington’s Jill Bolte Taylor is used to receiving prestigious honors, such as being named as one of the “most influential people in the world” by Time magazine in 2008.

But the Harvard-trained brain scientist, author and motivational speaker still felt deeply honored when she learned she’s one of 25 women named as “New York City Power Women” by Moves Magazine, a New York City women’s magazine.

The Power Women were chosen for making outstanding contributions in their respective fields — science, politics, entrepreneurship, acting.

“It’s nice to be recognized as a significant woman in science, and I appreciate being included in a pack of such colorful women,” she said. “When I see myself referred to as a world-renowned brain scientist on the Internet I ask myself, ‘How on earth did this happen?’ I don’t look at myself that way.”

Bolte Taylor will receive the honor at a four-hour, red-carpet gala tomorrow night at the India House in Southern Manhattan. It will include a champagne reception, live music, dinner, awards ceremony, and after party.

“No one knows who will win awards or for what,” she said. “But I’m supposed to prepare a 2-minute acceptance speech. That will be no problem. Give me a microphone and an audience and I can deliver a kicking good talk.”

The gala will be emceed by comedian Dena Blizzard, and speakers will include Katie Holmes, Arianna Huffington, Matt LeBlanc and Terence Howard.

Bolte Taylor will be dressed to the nines in a red full-length gown, red high heels, and a red clutch. Her ears and wrists will be adorned with things that sparkle.

“The gown is gorgeous and flows beautifully for dancing,” she said. “It belongs to good friend who allowed me to raid her closet.”

Bolte Taylor, whose book, “My Stroke of Insight,” is available in 30 languages, predicts she will feel like Cinderella at the affair.

“This is a chance for a little girl from Indiana to play in the big world in a big way,” she said. “I’m excited.”

Bolte Taylor will be escorted by her good friend, Glenn Moulton.

“I got permission from his lovely wife Deb,” she said. “Glenn will look truly dapper in a black tuxedo. We’re like brother and sister and he is very sociable, so he was a natural choice.”

Past winners of Power Women awards include actresses Susan Sarandon and Ashley Judd, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, ACLU president Nadine Strossen, and four-star general Ann Dunwoody.

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