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WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Just Be” is a professional organizing business. The company, which was founded by sisters Briana and Erica Spruille, specializes in decluttering spaces, planning systems and calming chaos.

New Orleans

Sisters Briana and Erica Spruille know that decluttering isn’t just a trend. And they’re on a mission to teach consumers a thing or two about maximizing their space.

The savvy duo founded and opened Just BE, a professional organizing business in New Orleans.

“Just BE focuses on lifestyle organization and transformation,” Briana said.
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“We created the business to help those who know how they want to live and function but are not sure how to get started or maintain their systems.”

Just BE specializes in decluttering spaces, planning systems and calming chaos to create routines. This allows clients to focus on living a simple, stress-free and functional life.

Briana and Erica have always shared a passion to inspire others to be neat and tidy. Family and friends saw their talent and zeal and encouraged them to pursue their business venture by becoming their first clients. The early projects and the desire to be entrepreneurs led to the beginning of Just BE.

“We’ve always loved helping people realize their best potential and keeping things tidy. Once others started seeking our assistance with organizing their homes and offices, and with styling, we decided to start the LLC,” Briana said. “Erica and I were literally sitting around one day thinking about how we can help people be organized, styled, inspired, and stress free and screamed when we realized ‘BE’ stood for Briana and Erica.”

Erica said her sister was her inspiration for their venture. “For many years I worked long hours and planned events for a living and could not focus on starting our business,” she added. “Her passion ignited something in me, and I am proud to be on this journey with her.”

Briana, a graduate of Dillard University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, has always had an eagerness to eliminate clutter and create simple spaces. Her background of creating and implementing public health programs taught her to pay attention to details, plan systems and focus on overall wellness.

Erica’s developed sense of style, coupled with her love of serving others, fuel her desire to help clients create daily routines. As a graduate of Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management, she boasts a background in business and development. Erica has spent more than 10 years in hotel sales and event management.

Their skills merge perfectly for this venture. “With launching Just BE, LLC — it took a while for us to feel ‘ready’ to take the leap,” Briana said. “We could not have launched at a better time.”

For those that are ready to leap and purge things, Just BE has the tools needed for creating organized systems in home spaces. From properly labeled to color-coded, the duo will help sort systems in an organized fashion. The sisters focus on the smallest details and teach their customers to trust the process.

“We recognize that everyone’s ‘tidy’ is different, so we practice patience and compassion,” Briana said. “We work with you along the way — not just make your space pretty, then leave.”

Among their biggest challenges was learning new technology and how to use it to create impact. “I let Bri take it on…she’s a Rockstar at it, even though she’d say it is difficult,” Erica said.

Clients often feel like they are drowning in clutter and don’t know how to begin organizing. Just BE helps them realize it is not just a pretty house or office, but also includes developing new habits that promote emotional wellness and chaos management. Erica and Briana believe that organizing is a “gift to yourself, your space, and those around you.”

Their motto is: “Tidy Space. Clear Mind. Happy Life.”

“Just seeing the finished product through the eyes of the client — when what seemed most overwhelming to tackle — they take great pride in it and it’s an accomplishment for them,” Briana said. “They (clients) like to send pictures of a maintained space, boasting about the upkeep due to our guidance.”

Just BE offers virtual consultations and both Briana and Erica are COVID-19 vaccinated and wear masks for all in-home services. Maintenance and follow-up services are also available.

If you’re drowning in clutter and ready for a new way of living, “we are ready to serve you,” Briana said.

For more details on Just BE, visit
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