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Kadette Grant is a gutsy designer who has a way with feathers like no other and a style as freewheeling and whimsical as she is.

People come from far and wide for her one-of-a-kind hats which definitely turn heads. She’s been creating with her hands from her tiny apartment since she first came to New York more more than thirty years ago from Florida. She has been a teacher, stage manager, costume designer and home decorator.

However, it is her sewing and creative eye that got her started in the HAT business.

Kadette works hard and fast but her craftsmanship is precise and her artistry superb. In fact, so superb–the upscale department store, Henri Bendel has purchased her wares. Kadette says her next step is to join Etsy, the fast-growing online global store where artisans all over the world sell their products. A move to the world wide web that fashionistas around the globe are sure to appreciate.
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Kadette says, “I can’t complain because its been an adventure.”

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