Lady Entrepreneurs Shine In The Spotlight

By Nop Tephaval
Bangkok Post, Thailand.

Thailand is in a unique position to lead development in the region due to its female entrepreneurship, says the non-profit organisation Global Entrepreneurship Thailand (GET).
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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor lists only seven countries Panama, Thailand, Ghana, Ecuador, Nigeria, Mexico and Uganda where female involvement in business is equal to that of men, said GET president Steve Cheah.

“We could have female entrepreneurs in Malaysia and Singapore, but they will not have the same kind of backing Thailand provides,” he said during an interview with the Bangkok Post.

Established in 2011, GET is a privately funded working group, part of the Kauffman Foundation.

Its goal is to promote entrepreneurship using the right ethical practices and showcase Thai entrepreneurship to the world.

“We want to assemble a group of female entrepreneurs who have been successful in their field and promote female entrepreneurial development on the global stage,” said Mr Cheah.

“We have to identify these individuals and launch an initiative, sometime in November during Global Entrepreneur Week.”

He said GET plans to organize a round table led by female entrepreneurs in Thailand, hopefully by March 2015.

At the event, they will look at issues that are unique to Thailand as well as to Asean in general.

“The challenge will be to get people to commit to the program, because this is a long-term arrangement that requires both time and effort,” said Mr Cheah.

GET’s agenda receives support from the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT).

“This is good for Thailand’s image, especially when we promote successful female entrepreneurs in Thailand globally,” said JFCCT president Stanley Kang.

The JFCCT has an internal Entrepreneurship Working Group that supports the initiatives.

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