Listen Up: Locals Produce Podcasts

By Patricia Middleton
McPherson Sentinel, Kan.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Some everyday folks in one Kansas community are jumping into the podcast game. NO EXCUSES!

McPherson Sentinel, Kan.

Podcasts by the thousands are available from around the world and several McPherson County residents are adding their unique voices and perspectives to listeners.

Amy Kay Pavlovich, owner of Connected, a fair trade retail store in Lindsborg, recently started a podcast called “To Be Fair…” The show, which releases new episodes each Tuesday, focuses on living intentionally.

“I’m no professional; I’m just a woman sitting in my closet,” Pavlovich laughed. “…I shut the door so if the boys talk, you can’t hear it as much.”

Part of Pavlovich’s motivation for producing “To Be Fair…” came from her previous years of experience as a church minister.

“This seemed like an easy and doable way to still have a voice about something; about things that I care about,” Pavlovich said.

Each episode of “To Be Fair…” is around 15 minutes long, which Pavolovich noted wryly is also the typical length of her sermons.

Producing “To Be Fair…” as a podcast allows people to choose the time and place they want to play the podcast.

“Around the Midwest, here, people commute different amounts of time but, in my head, I think it’s a quick commute kind of a podcast,” Pavlovich said. “…It’s easy to record; it’s easy to edit and send it to all the places that people listen to podcasts. Then they can listen whenever they want, so that’s pretty fantastic.”

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