What We Love And Hate About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Good Gift Guide

By Christie D’Zurilla
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article (tl;dr)  Who wouldn’t love a Salami subscription? For just $13 a month know that a friend will get a monthly salami in the mail and think of you.

Los Angeles Times

You have to give it to Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2019 Goop Holiday Gift Guide editors. This year, they’ve come up with a surprisingly digestible list of ideas, with enough items sparking a “Hey, that’s cool” response to help you power past those “What the actual what” offerings.

Touted as “the wellness junkie’s gift guide,” the list breaks down into sub-categories for hosts and hostesses, cooks, lovers, travelers, kids and men. There are also lower-end gifts (as in, below $100) and gifts for the person who has everything and therefore needs a “ridiculous but awesome” present or two, depending on how your hedge fund has been doing this week.

Here are some things we love and hate, plus a few things that fall in between.

Surprisingly, there was much to love on the Goop list, even after you took out the not-quite-sleazy sexual accoutrements sprinkled throughout.

-Misfits Market’s misshapen-produce delivery service, $22 a month. This is the Hallmark Christmas Movies version of a fresh fruits and veggies subscription. It’s like rescue puppies you can eat. Unattractive produce gets a second chance at love with recipients who can judge it based on how it tastes, now how it looks. Much like in Hollywood, however, even the ugly veggies are pretty decent-looking.

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