In Marie Colvin’s Name: A Murdered Journalist’s Family Wins A $300 Million Settlement against Bashar Assad’s regime in federal court

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WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A federal district court Wednesday found Assad's military directly responsible as part of a campaign to crush journalists.

New York Daily News

Bashar Assad's security forces have pulverized Syrian men, women and children by the thousands; for that, there has tragically been no accountability.

This week in court, the Syrian regime paid at least a symbolic price for murdering an American journalist. We'll take it, and pray that other dictators who terrorize truth-seekers -- or anyone for that matter -- face similar legal reckonings.

Marie Colvin was a Queens-born, Oyster Bay-bred foreign correspondent who covered conflicts from East Timor to Libya, Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Chechnya. In 2001, a Sri Lankan Army rocket-propelled grenade robbed her of sight in her left eye.

In 2012, the intrepid 56-year-old was living in the media center in the city of Homs when her building was battered by Syrian ordnance, killing Colvin.

After hearing extensive evidence in a civil case brought by Colvin's family, a federal district court Wednesday found Assad's military directly responsible, as part of a devious campaign to crush journalists.

Foreign governments, as a general rule, cannot be sued in American courts for what they do outside U.S. jurisdiction. When a country like Syria is a designated a state sponsor of terrorism, that rule changes.

It marks the first time any court anywhere has held the Syrian government responsible for an atrocity.

Obviously, Assad will never pay the $302.5 million judgment. Let us hope, sooner or later, he pays for his many unforgivable sins in a dearer form of currency.

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