Meet The Florida Woman Turned Mermaid And Entrepreneur

By Collin Breaux The Daytona Beach News-Journal

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Skye Morrison says she has always been into the magic surrounding mermaids. So when she discovered the opportunity to create a business related to her passion, she dove right in.


When some people head to the beach, they go in board shorts or bikinis. Skye Morrison goes in a fin.

Morrison wears a mermaid fin costume and does pop-up appearances in Panama City Beach at access point #18 along Cobia Street. Children can get photos with her when she hangs out on the shore.

"I just recently started. I started off with doing just a photo shoot because I do a lot of photo shoots," Morrison said. "I can actually swim in the water because it has a monofin with it. I bought it do that originally and then it brought so much attention with kids, so I came out and did this pop-up event. This is only the third pop-up event I've done."

Morrison markets the pop-up events through Facebook. She has been swimming with the tail for more than a year after ordering it online.

"I wanted to make it into a business," Morrison said. "There's other places you can go to and visit mermaids but I thought it was more realistic to watch a mermaid wash up from the beach. I also do parties and events I've been booking. I do birthday parties and stuff like that."

Morrison said she always has been into the magic surrounding mermaids. She grew up in Texas and has lived in Panama City Beach for more than a year. She loves Panama City Beach and calls it a "beautiful place" to do what she does.

"Everyone needs something to believe in. I feel like the inner me is almost a mermaid," Morrison said. "I really love the ocean. I love swimming. I am very unique in many ways, very different. I've always liked mermaids and unicorns. Mermaids, I've always been attracted to. Seeing the kids' faces means a lot to me because even today they were so excited and happy and I love seeing that."

Her mother, Lisa Morrison, loves what her daughter is doing. She said her daughter loves to dress up and perform.

"She loves kids. She's great with kids," Lisa Morrison said. "We love the mermaid thing being in Florida. She really enjoys it. We're really happy for her to start the business on her own. We're proud of her."

For more information, check out her Facebook page at

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