Meet Smashboard, An App That Uses Blockchain To Help Sexual Assault Victims

By Marcia Sekhose
Hindustan Times, New Delhi

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Users of the app can safely store their notes, photos, screenshots, documents and anything else that can be taken into account in a potential abuse or harassment case. 

New Delhi

“Smashboard is a feminist social network and a “digital ally” with special features for victims and survivors,” reads the description of Smashboard.

This app aims to help harassment and abuse survivors with legal counsellors, lawyers, and even mental health experts. And the app is doing this using blockchain.

Smashboard helps keep the identity and information of its users encrypted through blockchain.

Called the “Smashboard Journal”, here users can store their notes, photos, screenshots, documents and anything that can be taken into account for the abuse or harassment case. The company says all user data stored is encrypted and has a validation system for someone else to access it if the user cannot due to some reason.

Smashboard was founded by Noopur Tiwari, an independent journalist whose goal is to help people report sexual crimes using blockchain, Quartz reports. The app is currently self-funded with two more members onboard — Monica Narula and Mridul. The company also plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Smashboard.

Tiwari also hopes to launch a digital currency called SMASH on the platform. This cryptocurrency could then be used for initiatives and campaigns for Smashboard. Tiwari also believes that blockchain which is considered to be the next thing in technology should have women as early adopters.

Smashboard is currently available as an app on Android and iOS. While the platform’s goal is to fight patriarchy, it is open to all including trans-women, trans-men, non-binary and gender-fluid. Smashboard also keeps its platform for anyone who wishes to “be a part of a digital feminist community”. It isn’t limited to only those who are in crisis.
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