Meet The Student Entrepreneur Ready To Take On Some “Monster” Projects

By Austin Metz
Holland Sentinel, Mich.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Belicia Hernandez’s new motion graphics company specializes in signage for windows and storefronts. She also creates decals for vehicles like work trucks and landscaping companies.

Holland Sentinel, Mich.

Belicia Hernandez wears a number of hats.

It is a list that starts with her being a college student at Grand Rapids Community College.

Along with that, she coaches eighth grade volleyball at a local school. Lastly, she is also a business owner.

Raised in Holland, Hernandez has had the chance to follow her mom and dad’s example of how to run a business since she was old enough to walk.

Her dad, Luciano, has owned businesses for as long as Belicia has been alive and currently owns Tiger Studio in Holland. Her mom owns Purple Moon, which was located in Holland and is still in operation online.

What started as Belicia simply visiting her dad’s business growing up eventually turned into an internship. From there, it has turned into her starting Monster Graphic Studio.

“I started interning at Tiger Studio, my dad’s business, as a graphic designer doing graphic design, decals and signage,” Hernandez said. “I have since transitioned that into its own business called Monster Graphics Studio.”

The idea for the name is rooted in a story she tells about when she was working with her dad. She was busy working on a project and he referred to her as a “graphic monster.” It seems to have stuck.

The business specializes in signage for windows and storefronts, decals for vehicles like work trucks and landscaping companies, and its biggest thing is printing banners.

The idea for the new business, which is based out of Tiger Studio at 418 E. Eighth St., started in 2015, as a way for the family to increase their reach in the graphic design world while also allowing Tiger Studio to focus more on industrial design.

In April, the idea became a reality for Hernandez.

“It’s very exciting and I don’t always get super nervous about things because of my dad,” she said. “He is the most outgoing person I know and so is my mom. I just grew up in a creative and outgoing family so I just have really high hopes and dreams.”

“I just love doing graphic design. It is all I have ever wanted to do.”

Going forward, Belicia said she intends to continue to grow the business while also finishing up college. She will attend Grand Valley State University after GRCC and plans to study graphic design and business.

And one thing she wants potential customers to know is that just because she is young, almost 22 years old, that doesn’t mean she’s not ready for this.

“The business may be a start up but I am not a start up,” Hernandez said. “I have been doing this for years and my dad has been doing it for even more years… I really want Monster to be able to work with bigger companies moving forward.”

For more information about the business, visit them on Facebook and Instagram at Monster Graphics Studio or on their website at

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