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Men, Stop Trying To Sound Sexy!

A new study reveals that when it comes to sounding sexy, it’s women not men who’ve got it going on! The research team recruited 20 men and 20 women for the project. Participants were instructed to intentionally change their voices to represent sexiness and/or attractiveness. While women had little trouble manipulating their voices, the men simply were not able to change their voice to project sexiness. In fact, the “sexy” male sample voice was rated as sounding a bit worse than the regular sample.

In other news, if you’re ready to do some spring cleaning there’s an online marketplace where you can give away things you no longer want or acquire things you might need. From electronics to camping equipment to juicers “Yerdle” is part of what is now being termed the new “sharing economy.” With yerdle, every morning, you’ll get a handpicked list of free things people are giving away. all you have to do is pay the 2-4 dollar flat shipping rate. You can earn credits by giving away things you don’t need and then use your credits to get things you want. For more on these stories and much more simply head to our website www.workingwomanreport.com

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