New Boutique Aims To Boost Women’s Self-Confidence

By Shannon Marvel
American News, Aberdeen, S.D.

Born with a missing limb, Samantha Miller was bullied by other girls growing up and used clothing to mask her insecurities.

“Through clothing, I was able to draw less attention to my arm and more attention to myself as a person,” she said.

As an adult, she’s used her passion for fashion to start her own business, The Farmer’s Wife Boutique in Groton. She has two vendor booths in the Holum Expo Building at this week’s Brown County Fair.

For Miller, it’s not about selling clothes, but rather helping women feel beautiful inside and out.

Miller began selling clothes a year ago after her daughter, Haddalynn, was born.

“I originally started online, so I continue to stay at home with her,” Miller said.

Her husband Nathan is a fourth-generation farmer, hence the business name.

Miller began attending vendor shows in South Dakota and North Dakota, and sold clothing and accessories through her Facebook page. In December, she took over a building that once housed her friend’s salon. The 24-year-old takes pride in making high-end clothing available to everyone, pricing items at $50 or less.

“My main goal is to try to find things that are affordable, so when you walk in, it’s boutique clothing but not boutique pricing,” Miller said.

The brands she sells are also unique to the area and all chosen by Miller.

“I try to find something that almost anyone will like,” she said. “I try to cater to the younger generation, then I’ve also had the Red Hatters come into my store. We also carry a size small up to a size XXXL.”

She remembers how she used clothing as a tool when she was young.

“I couldn’t be bullied or pointed out in a crowd if people weren’t able to notice. Now it doesn’t bother me. I’ve come to accept that if people are going to judge me based on imperfections, they are only trying to hide their own insecurities.”

Miller hopes her boutique can help other women gain confidence and improve their self images.

“I hope that I can help all women who enter my boutique to leave feeling beautiful in their own skin that God has blessed them with,” she said.

The Farmer’s Wife Boutique
— Samantha Miller, owner
— Open 3-7 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays
— 23 N. Main St., Groton

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