New Business Brings Energy, Healing

By Maria Lockwood
Superior Telegram, Wis.

A mother-daughter team from Gordon is bringing positive energy to the Trade and Commerce Building.

The White Sheep — — A Place of Healing, held its grand opening Feb. 7. The new business on the second floor of the building at 1323 Broadway St., and offers reiki and biomat sessions as well as Young Living essential oils, eco-friendly hygiene products, journals, books, stones and crystals as well as artwork and jewelry crafted by local artists.

“I think it’s important for people to give themselves time to de-stress,” said Sarah Podgorak-Seese. Sessions at the White Sheep help clients unplug and recharge, said her mother, Sandy Podgorak.

“I think it helps people with coping during difficult situations in life,” she said.

Biomat sessions use infrared rays to send deep heat into muscles. The sessions can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, detoxify muscles and ease chronic pain, Podgorak said.

Reiki focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual health. A session involves soothing music and scent as well as a chance to restore life energy.

“It’s a really neat way for me to assess my mental, physical and spiritual self,” said Ashley Jennings of Superior. She’s had three sessions at the White Sheep since it opened, combining reiki and biomat in a single session.

“It’s just a nice way to relax,” Jennings said. “I get depressed easily. Something about it makes me feel lighter.”

The sessions have also prompted her to explore a new career path as a massage therapist.

Noreen Pederson of Superior went to her first session last week.

“I really enjoyed the experience,” she said. Not only did it leave her relaxed, but the information Podgorak provided made sense. If people are open to this, Pederson said, it’s another way of healing.

The White Sheep isn’t the only place Podgorak and Seese practice the art of healing. Both are registered nurses working in the area. There’s room for both medical and alternative methods of healing, Podgorak said.

“We’re not here to replace a doctor,” she said. “We’re just here to provide a little extra.”

The new business has started offering classes, pulling extra chairs into the cozy workspace for a recent class on making diffuser necklaces. On April 14, the mother-daughter team welcomes author and healer Russell FourEagles for a day of healing sessions topped with a public lecture and book signing at 6 p.m.

The business owners hope to offer reiki classes, possibly as early as this summer, as well as a women’s self-defense class and a session on homemade remedies made from essential oils.

Seese and Podgorak decided to launch a business in November, rented the space in December, remodeled it in January and opened in February.

“We just came up with the idea and dove in,” Seese said.

The women say it’s fun to work together, and both are firm believers in reiki.

“I just like the relaxation of it,” Seese said. “I feel really at peace afterward.”

The White Sheep is cozy, warm and genuine, clients said, just like its owners.

“They’re just super friendly, so inviting,” said Jennings. “It’s a very welcoming environment.”

She intends to continue visiting The White Sheep.

“It made me feel so great, it’s going to be a monthly expense for me,” Jennings said, an investment in alleviating stress.

The new business is open by appointment only. More information on the business, as well as upcoming classes, is available on the Facebook page The White Sheep-A Place of Healing. She encouraged people to check out the Facebook page or contact the shop at 715-296-9071 or by email at

“We want people to know we’re here,” Podgorak said. “Come in and check it out if you have questions. Come and see, we’ll be happy to show you around.”

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