New York Life’s Delia Brimmer Sees Your Financial Future

By Kerry Feltner Wicked Local Metro, Needham, Mass.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Delia Brimmer says she works to help clients plan for their futures with a healthy mix of investments, insurance and protection.

Wicked Local Metro, Needham, Mass.

Delia Brimmer knows numbers, but more importantly she knows people and what they need when it comes to planning out the years of their lives.

As a financial services professional for New York Life, Brimmer has found her niche.

"If people are doing really well or doing really bad, they need somebody to help them and guide them," she said. Brimmer, who is from Simsbury, Connecticut, grew up watching an entrepreneur firsthand.

"To see my dad run his own business, I think had a subconscious impact on me," she said.

Growth potential She attended Fisher College in Back Bay and majored in business while playing soccer, basketball and softball. When it was clear she had potential in accounting, she decided to pursue the possibilities of the field.

"One of my professors, said, 'you're really good in your accounting classes, maybe you should concentrate on this," she said. Life throws challenges

Brimmer was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 20, which was draining emotionally and physically, and pulled her away from focusing on her career path.

"I was in a ton of pain all the time and exhausted," she said. "It's been back and forth. That's been probably my biggest challenge with work here--every once in a while it comes back and it's like, 'OK, great. Now what?'"

To date, she has run four marathons--including three Boston races--and is healthy.

She began an internship in 2013 with New York Life which turned into a full-time position.

"I just kind of ended up in the right spot, but I got wicked lucky," Brimmer said.

She works with a variety of clients including young families, restaurant owners, and those planning for retirement.

"I've ended up working with a lot of restaurant owners; that's become my thing," Brimmer said. "It's a neat community, especially [with] the restaurant owners, and so they all know each other they still support each other." Future moves

The Waltham office--based at 201 Jones Road--is the most successful office in all of New York Life which has some 12,000 employees across the country, Brimmer says.

She works to help clients plan for their futures with a healthy mix of investments, insurance and protection.

The role requires self-motivation as it is akin to running her own business, she says.

"I can work when I want," she said. "You can wake up January 1, and know I'm going to at least make 'x' this year, as long as all my clients are happy and then you build from there."

The face-to-face connection matters with financial matters. People want to plan their future with a person and not a screen, Brimmer says.

"I think people want to sit down with the person [and] hear their knowledge," she said. "You can go online and Google whatever you want, but you don't necessarily know to Google it."

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